terça-feira, 21 de junho de 2011

Master of Venice, oil painting on canvas, by Jeovah Santos.

Brazilian Santos Jeovah Painter, paints from 1979.Pintor cataloged hundreds of books and dictionaries, studied art history in Italy in Verona School There Soccietá Belle Arti, and studied in the studio of sculptor Beppi Fontana, Italy, with completion in 1991.Em Venezia participated in several conferences, among them the highlights of the exhibition at Palazzo Mocênico Museo Correr, and Dell Antiquarian II shows, where he studied the works of the painter of 1859-1941, the genius Ettore Tito.Jeovah met Fondazzione Giorgio Cini, where he studied and researched the works of Pablo Picasso, was at the Palazzo Forti, great keeper, and the Palazzo Ducalle participoudos and studies the works of Salvador Dali, and their cocomposições resturações.Study the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Merisi, Caravaggio Michelangelo Buonarote the Paul Veonese, Titian, and Antonio Channel. Course Management and Public Safety and participated in the Symposium on Public Safety and the Environment held by the Military Police of the CPI-7, watercolor course at the Regional Culture with Professor Ida Zami, Course of first and second grades in high school, Don Jose Antonio dos Santos and Artistic Education Course, School of Computing and techniques, the SOS school Computers in addition to other courses. Jeovah was a professor from the Department of Culture of the State of Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo Sorocaba and from 1985 to 1989, Professor of the School of Coral Paints Sorocaba and São Paulo, 1986a 1989, Professor of School of Arts Nancy 1988 to 1989 in Sorocaba, Professor Finarte Gallery of St. Paul from 1993 to 2000, Professor of Sorocaba Society of Artists from 1993 to 1997 where he later became president of this prestigious Institution. Porfessor and Director of the Art Gallery based in Sorocaba Brazil SP.Jeovah had about eight thousand students during his career and has painted about 450 paintings, developed and held exhibitions in Brazil and has works in exterior.Hoje Galleries, Auctions , museums and private collections in more than forty-five countries. Received in his career, fifteen gold medals, six silver and several bronze medals, in addition to development of honorable mentions. among these we can highlight the Medal of the Association Sportive Palmeiras, where he won the trophy from the hands of President Mustafa Contursi, a salon that brought together more than six hundred artists from Brazil and the exterior.Ganhou Alfhaville Hall, won the gold medal in the Cultural Map Paulista, phase and phase Regional State, organized by DARC, the station Julio Prestes in São Paulo Secretary of Culture of São Paulo.Recebeu the title of Commander of the Military Police of São Paulo, CPI-7 from the hands of Col. CMT. Silverio Leme son, a great celebration with a beautiful parade, the headquarters of the CPI-7.Recebeu Military Police certificates for their outstanding work and have also held exhibitions on the premises,. Received from the hands of the Office of the President reading Sorocaba Cel. Ol 'John. Verlangiere, the Medal of Cultural Merit artist Luiz Matheus Maylaski, donated by the German Embassy. Title Receceu Citizen at a ceremony in Sorocaba Camera Municipal de Sorocaba. Received a certificate of honor Camera Municipal de Sorocaba in a ceremony, certificates and diplomas in art related events in several Brazilian states, certificates and medals in various galleries and clubs like Rotary, Lions, Shopping, Art Galleries, Auctions etc. .. . for his art have excelled among all and traveled the world. Today Jeovah get the works is an act of pure knowledge, and a cultural act, for his odd and unique technique, has been increasing worldwide. Jeovah Santos has its own style of painting developed during his many viangens the world and mostly in cities in Italy, where it is known as: Il maestro della pittura, due to the large suscesso achieved with its live pinturas.feitas the canals of Venice, Verona, Milan, Rome, Florence, Padova, Rovereto, Largo di Garda, Treviso, Rovigo, Trieste, and in Spain, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Servilha, and Portugal was painting in Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon in the old city in addition to numerous cities in Europe, always live painting and researching the artistic and cultural movement of the places where the past and making a lot of success. Says he is always learning and that everything is new every dia.Jeovah Santos paints with oil paints and a piece of purchase acrílico.Hoje Jeovah Santos means more than a picture to get a dream that brings luck and iluminção, besides the recovery, more than gold and cars. The works are disputed by Santos Jeovah Galleries, Auctioneers and Marchandts worldwide. Jeovah produces only one work per month because the amount of detail and the fact that the preparation of material for it has an ancient term.